Cancer Is Curable

Our mission is to help people with Cancer at stages I to IV survive and live a long, happy life!


Cancer Curing Center Phoenix LLC specialises in natural and organic healthcare products for the treatment of cancer, viral infections and prophylactics, as well as patient diagnostics. 

FLARAXIN is a preparation of vegetarian origin; a non-toxic anti-tumoral phytopreparation. It is an interferogenerator, as well as stimulating the tumoral necrosis factor and destroying tumoral tissue. It is an Immunomodulator and an antioxidant. It prevents metastatic spreading and relapse. Suppresses Viral activity and infections.



What Can be Treated?

Flaraxin is Most Efficient

... In Treatment of:
Brain cancer (inoperable), Pituitary tumors (Adenoma, Craneofaringioma), Brain metastases, Skin cancer (Melanoma),  Mammary gland tumors, Lung tumors, Small intestine cancer, Colon cancer, Rectum cancer, Prostate gland cancer (Adenoma), Feminine sexual organs cancer: fibromioma, Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer, Non-malignant tumors of gonads (polycystic), Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), Germ cell tumor (GCT), Central Nervous System Tumors: Lymphoma, Ependioma, Astrocitoma, Pituitary tumors (Adenoma, Craneofaringioma).

Highly Efficient

... In Treatment of:
Neoplasms of maxillofacial areas, lips cancer, tongue cancer, mouth cancer, nose cancer, throat cancer, sinuses, salivary gland cancer, Neck cancer, upper respiratory tract cancer, maxillary sinus cancer, Pharynx cancer, Larynx cancer, Mediastinal cancer, Stomach cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Kidney cancer (ademocarcinoma and etc.) Bladder cancer.

Averagely Efficient

... In treatment of:
Sarcoma of soft tissues of any etiology, Sarcoma of bone (in Case of the good blood supply of the tumor or Cancer starts on soft tissue first), Esophageal Cancer (on IV stage with Mts  FLARAXIN could only stop spreading, but on I,II,III stage is well treatable), Liver cancer is treatable but if 60% of liver still functioning properly, also Mts in liver are treatable, Testicular Cancer, Penile Cancer.


What Patients have to say...